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Green Plants

Bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your office or living room with fresh and lovely green plants from FTD. Scroll through our wide variety of options, pick the plant that makes the perfect gift (or self-gift, we won’t tell!), and order it directly to your recipient, on time and as healthy as if you’d bought it from the local nursery.

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When is a good occasion to give a green houseplant?

There’s never a bad occasion to give someone indoor green plants! Plants are a timeless classic as a go-to gift for a wide variety of occasions. Plus, indoor plants are an essential part of an on-trend living space, so delivering someone a gorgeous green plant to help them turn their apartment into an urban oasis is always well-received. Some of the best occasions to give green houseplants include:

  • Birthdays

  • Mother’s Day

  •  Father’s Day

  • Anniversaries

  • Graduations

  • Promotions

  • And really any time that you want to help someone special celebrate!

What are some of the popular types of green plants to give as gifts?

The most popular plants to give as gifts are interesting, exotic, and beautiful. These are some of the trendiest types of green plants that FTD offers:

  • Blooming plants that will bring stunning flowers into your recipient’s home, delighting them with a pop of color they’re sure to enjoy

  • Dish garden plants, which include an interesting variety in a basket, ideal for a windowsill decoration or even the centerpiece of their kitchen table

  • Succulent plants that are all the rage and will look on-trend and chic placed on coffee tables, bookshelves, windowsills, or desks

What type of green plants are easy to care for?  

Green plants may seem tricky to care for, but they don't have to be. FTD offers a number of healthy and easy-to-care-for plants, so even your friend who kills just about anything they set their hands on will be able to enjoy its foliage. Some examples of plants that are easy to care for include bamboo, succulents, money trees, and peace lilies — all of which FTD is more than happy to deliver straight to your recipient’s door.