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Rose Plants

Roses are some of the most beautiful, passionate, and heart-felt flowers around. For a timeless and long-lasting gift your recipient is sure to cherish, browse our selection of rose plants to find the perfect option.

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What are some good companion plants for roses?

Roses pair well with a variety of plants. Many indoor green plants with darker foliage look great alongside bright and colorful rose blooms, as the contrast highlights the beauty of each petal. Some of our favorites include:

  • The lush tropical peace lily, which has dark forest-green foliage

  • Braided money trees, a fun and interesting option for home decor

  • The ginseng bonsai, a perfect companion to smaller rose plants

  • The pink prayer plant, whose pink striations will bring out the pink of a potted rose

Let your gift recipient turn their home into a little urban jungle by pairing potted roses for delivery with the perfect companion plants for roses!

What’s the best way to approach rose plant care?

You should approach rose plant care the way you’d approach any other plant: carefully and diligently! Luckily, our roses are pretty straightforward to maintain. Here are the steps you can take to keep your plant happy and healthy, whether it’s a long-stem rose plant or a small potted variety:

  • Make sure your rose gets plenty of sun: about 6 hours a day is ideal, but you can reduce it to 4 on particularly scorching hot days.

  • Ensure that your potted rose is in well-drained soil and a draining pot. Roses do not like sitting in a puddle of mud.

  • Water your rose 3 to 4 times a week for best results. If it’s especially hot for several days in a row, you can give it a little extra water to help it cool down.

  • Prune dead leaves and wilted flowers to keep your rose plant looking vibrant and healthy.

Follow these steps, and your thumb will be as green as can be!

What kind of potted roses does FTD offer?

We offer a variety of small rose plants, perfect for Mother’s Day plants or other occasions, that come in a variety of pot options. Here are a few highlights to consider as you think about the ideal potted roses for delivery:

  • Yellow roses in a woven pot, ready to be planted

  • Pink rosalea plants, which are are a gorgeous alternative to the traditional potted rose

  • Polka-dot potted pink roses for a fun and quirky gift option

Find the perfect potted roses and make plant gift delivery fast and easy with FTD today!